Do you want to learn scuba and explore another world underwater ?

At Dive Whakatane, we are dedicated to providing you with the best dive training available. Our courses are fun while still being a challenge. We go into depth both academically and practically to prepare you for the underwater adventures that await. Whether it is cruising along a shallow reef enjoying the bountiful marine life, visiting shipwrecks and caves or exploring new ecosystems at depth, we have the expertise, experience and programmes to get you there.

Our beginners classes - PADI Open Water or GUE Recreational 1 both provide pathways for you to start diving.  Professional instruction on skills and technique, together with the best advice on equipment will give you a real head start as you begin your underwater journey.

Our staff have thousands of hours logged underwater and are actively involved in exploration projects, continuing to develope themselves. As explorers, we don't just teach, so have a wealth of "real world" experience to be able to pass on to students.

Training is just the first step. Dive Whakatane exists to provide diving opportunities and a thriving community. Beyond your class you will become part of a network of skilled divers who want to explore our beautiful coastal waters.

Do you already have a ticket but want to improve your skills or progress further ?

Our most popular class, GUE Fundamentals, will make you a better diver. Whether you want to fix ongoing problems with your skills, refine your skills to become more comfortable underwater, or progress to more advanced diving requiring extra equipment - this is the class to take.

We use the most advanced training techniques in the industry to give you a rock solid foundation from which to build your diving towards the new adventures that await.

Have you been out of the water a while but keen to get back diving ?

Our Get Back Into It programme offers an individual solution tailored to your needs. Perhaps you are heading away and want to refresh skills before a holiday dive. Maybe you are wanting to assess where your skills are at after a break from diving or dive in open water again under professional guidance.

We recommend contacting us to learn how we can offer you a personalised programme based on your end goals. We would love to help you !