GUE Technical Diver 1

There are many reasons to want to dive beyond recreational limits. From simply extending your bottom time, to exploring uncharted territory where new species or undiscovered shipwrecks are waiting to be found. This is a great time to be a diver, with technology and equipment available to go to places underwater that we know so little about. The mesophotic zone from 50 to 150M is one of these places. Traditionally too deep for divers and too shallow for submersibles, much of it remains a mystery. GUE technical classes teach you how to dive in this zone. In the Eastern Bay, we have coastline that drops away to depths of 100M and amazing offshore islands that offer untold adventures to depths beyond !

GUE Technical diver 1 introduces technical diving skills which will allow you to dive to a depth of 51M on normoxic trimix 21/35 or 18/45 and do a maximum of 30 minutes decompression.

All the skills learned in GUE fundamentals are put to the test as your skill level is progressed. You begin by learning to deal with simple problems underwater such as managing equipment malfunction, gradually increasing to more complex procedural problems while still managing to retain your buoyancy, trim and positioning. This ability to withstand task loading and retain situational awareness with respect to your equipment, team and environment is key to performing safe, successful dives. Much focus is given to ascent training and decompression strategies.

The class includes experience dives where you will plan and perform 3 dives between 40 and 50M on trimix. Taught over 6 days, it is a tough but highly rewarding class, one that will lead to some incredible diving experiences.

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Pre requisite :    GUE Fundamentals Tech pass certification.