GUE Fundamentals

For most students, taking a GUE fundamentals class has marked a milestone in their diving. The skill set gained has offered them a level of comfort in the water which they never thought possible. Many of these divers who have gone on to fulfil their diving ambitions, look back on this class as the most important they have ever taken.

Fundamentals is a 4 or 5 day class with a mix of practical and theoretical modules. We cover dive planning and gas management with how to establish sufficient gas reserves at different depths. We look at the effects of breathing gases under pressure, how to stay within safe exposures and we will teach you how to use nitrox. Decompression is also covered and you will learn handy tips for managing your time underwater. The GUE equipment configuration is also explained in detail.

In water, the class focuses on the development of strong fundamental skills with respect to buoyancy, trim, propulsion and teamwork. We will show you how to make diving easy using different finning techniques including the back kick to help control your position. This is then put to use later in the class to aid more complex tasks such as gas sharing, valve drills and surface marker buoy deployment. Using video, we can give you visual feedback after each water session. This is a very effective way for us to show you where and how to improve during the class. The situational awareness and precision of control gained, is of great value no matter where your diving takes you. Whether you are looking to solidify your basic skills or progress towards more technical diving - this is the class to take.


Course information

Duration   :   Can be run either 4 days consecutive or 5 days as a Part 1 / Part 2 class

Max ratio   :   4 students to 1 instructor

Equipment :  Standard GUE equipment configuration. Contact us for details.