What is Project Baseline ?

Project Baseline is a global, aquatic conservation initiative that maximises advantage from a global network of volunteers, collaborators and supporters to establish environmental baselines by creating a visual legacy of underwater conditions in our oceans, lakes, rivers, springs and flooded caves. By making use of the power of community building both on and offline, we increase public awareness about the state of water now and forever. 
Project Baseline works by organizing and mobilizing a global network of divers and water lovers alike to create a lasting visual legacy of underwater environmental conditions one photo and one video at a time. Their images, descriptions, and data are moved into an online database designed to make their observations accessible to the world. Their images create a baseline for environmental quality. When stitched together, those images create a time lapse revealing how that quality is changing. When we couple our divers and community with scientists and resource managers struggling to understand and protect the ecosystems where we dive, the worth of our effort becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

Project Baseline empowers passionate communities to observe and record change within the world’s aquatic environments in a way that promotes public awareness and supports political action.


Our waters in the Eastern Bay are magnificent, however they are increasingly under pressure. It is our responsibility to ensure that our water is in good health for future generations. The decisions we make now are crucial. By gathering good information and working together, we can influence the decisions being made towards a positive outcome for the people. If you would like to contribute to our efforts by joining our Project Baseline Dive Team, sharing kōrero or collaborating please contact us. We would love to have you on board !